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Do you shoot lifestyle/ branding photography?

 YES! I do! Even  though, I don't show it separately in my portfolio because I don't do them frequently - my year is jam-packed with families. BUT! I love me some easy going one on one session.

Here's a couple of examples.

Do you shoot wedding/ engagements/ couples?

100% YES for the couples shoots !!

It doesn't get more of a love story than these! (which kinda goes for some of the engagements too.)

Why some? To explain further- I don't do big, traditional, 30+ guests, 12 hr job weddings. So if the engagement shoot is connected to this kind of a wedding and me supposedly photographing it, then I won't do it. UNLESS the couple wants someone else for the wedding (which rarely happens). 

I've done some small weddings, elopements. I have a couple of those every year. I don't promote them much but somehow they always find me:) . If you want to chat more, here I am!

Do you photograph events?

Birthday, christening, anniversary parties etc. - No, I don't. Cake smash? If you bring a cake along to your family session, we'll smash that thing in the end but I don't book it separately.

Can we do our session at home?

YES, yes, million times yes! I love home sessions. The comfort of it - you'll be relaxed, children will be at their familiar environment. We can bake cookies, read books, play games, cuddle, drink cocoa... or just hang out the way YOU love to. I'm all here for it. Just a little tiny condition - your home needs to get a good amount of light in. I'm a natural light photographer and there's a certain limitation "light-wise".

What is your delivery time?

The latest, even in the busy season, is two weeks after your session. However, with maternity sessions, I always try to edit asap because you never know when the baby decides to come and I want you to enjoy your maternity pictures long enough :)

Can we bring our dog to the shoot?


Do you use flash?

No. Don't like the outcome so I don't use it. Natural light is my jam. Way more flattering and magical (don't get me started on the odes of sunset and sunrise light).

Do you offer prints or albums as part of your packages?

No, I don't. Firstly, it would prolong a waiting time, secondly, it would bump up the prices significantly. 

I like to keep things simple. I do your photos, you'll get your gallery for unlimited time and download it anytime/as many times you want; for your personal use. Print release is included in all packages I offer.

How long do you store each session photos?

I still have my 2015 sessions stored on my work hardrive and in dropbox. So indefinitely for now. But that doesn't go for the raw, straight out of camera, files. These are the base from which I create the photo that goes into your album. As soon as you give me your okay on the finished gallery aka your satisfaction with the final product, I delete the raw files while storing the edited gallery. 

if you have more questions, ask away!

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