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This is me

& my


My {LOVE} story.


Born and raised in the Czech Republic,

calling Vancouver home for the past 12 years.

I am a wife, mother to three daughters and a family photographer. 

I came to Canada right after my university graduation. With no expectations,

For a year only, just to enjoy life, live freely & see the world.

At least, that was the plan. - to go back.

I remember the first day here like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful autumn day in September, and we spent it in Stanley Park. Sun was making the ocean sparkle in its deep blue colour, every tree around us played with a different shade of colour and magnificent mountains in the background. And THE breeze.

Vancouver was showing off in all its glory.

 And so I fell in LOVE. Not just with the city but also later with the man of my life. And so I stayed, married him, had our three babies and eventually found a different and most likely more "cup-filling" career.

My whole life plan went out of the window. But I got a new one.


And I thank the universe for it every day. 

My photography journey started around the same time as I moved here. Living in BC makes you constantly capture the everyday beauty of it. Mountains, along with the ocean, and sunsets, I became such a nature lover like never before because of this place. I'm in awe to this day. A couple of years passed, and then the first child came along and instead of landscape,

I was documenting her laughs & all the firsts and felt the spark even more. 

I was creating memories, capturing our feelings forever. So I got out there and started capturing other people's stories. I've been loving it so much that it sometimes makes me wonder, how come I never knew I was born to be an artist? But I found my way to it as it was meant to be.


Being a photographer really is the job of my dreams. One that I've never dreamed of.

I'm honoured to be invited to your life and to document it.  It sometimes blows my mind that families cherish the photos we create together for many years ahead, and who knows, maybe for the next generations as they look back at life as it used to be.

So here I am, ready to give YOU the photographs
that capture your LOVE and tell your story.

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