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The word “lifestyle” is a big deal.  I want to document things the way they are and feel like for YOU and your family.   WHY?

Because posed photographs with stiff smiles will not give you much feelings later on in life. Yes, you notice that hairstyle you had or the favourite sweater your son wore.

But try to imagine, you find a box of old photographs in your grandma's attic. Which set will most likely make you laugh, shed a tear, feel the goosebumps and warm your heart? - her standing tall in a school photograph/ christmas family portrait or a candid moment of hugging her child (your mom or dad),  blushing and smiling while your grandpa hugged her, give her kiss in her hair...? Pretty simple choice, isn't it.

Don’t worry, you will get a few nice looking-at-camera portraits

but I won’t make the whole session about them and they may not be perfect too - one child bursting in laugh due to all the tickles, another one looking at you smiling. In my view, that's the perfection. YOURS truly.


I have my camera in action the entire session (maybe a good idea to leave your bag in the car for all the "what ifs") to catch the in-between moments whilst hoping they will eventually take over the session. Sometimes they do, sometimes not and that’s okay too. It is your story after all. 

So, if you get caught by surprise of me snapping a few shots while you are not ready, please don't freeze, keep on walking, talking - I still pay attention and I most likely loved the moment so I wanted to capture it. I'm an overshooter, because sometimes I get that golden photo when unposed and it's worth those 1000 images to cull afterwards! Rest assured, you looking pretty & natural is one of my main goals.

Bottom line: We meet. We talk. I put you in a nice spot with a good light, probably tell you to stand, sit down or walk in a certain direction; and then step back let you do your thing, focus on each other.


This is my entire focus in photography. That's what is my "assignment" for EACH session. I want to capture what and how you feel.

The emotions is what you want to remember forever, to be able to feel them again.. Emotion always tops the appearance, or if you will, posed perfection.

The way you felt when you were expecting first baby - full of wonder, excitement, love. The way your world turned upside down, that new kind of overwhelming love you felt in those first days after your baby was born. The way you heart burst everytime your children hug you so tight or when your partner look at you with a smile in their eyes and you just know how much they love you too.


I want you to do what YOU want to do in that moment. Sometimes you feel like kissing him on a cheek, but then you don’t because “is it awkward”? “what should I do?” and I SAY: please do kiss him, do hug your kids, tickle them under their chin,, JUST GO FOR IT.  Because then you open up, relax and show your REAL smile (that suits you best btw) and I'm so pumped when those moments start happening because it's a breakthrough and I may {awkwardly} encourage you to do more. 

Show me your love so I can show it back to you. 

I often try to keep you moving somehow. Staying still makes you (and photos) stiff. We walk, talk!, dance, throw the kids in the air, chase them, play with them.. You know the best what makes your loved ones laugh, relax, have fun - especially with kiddos. I can be as awkwardly funny as much as I can but in the end it's usually you who can turn the things around. And I'm not talking about bribes - these are the last resort haha. I want you to spend the hour with me having fun & good {family} time.

I promise,

the more you shift your focus away from me to the people you are there with, the more authentic the images will look like and you’ll love them more.

my approach

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