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My name is Kristyna. Originally from Czech but for over 10 years a Vancouverite. Married to love of my life and  a mom to two beautiful (inside, out) girls, Madeleine and Rozie.

I am a family lifestyle photographer and it is what was given me to do. Documenting people's special moments in their lives, milestones or just a regular afternoon in their sun filled kitchen baking cookies and reading books. In each session, I strive for the realness, emotions. I want to let you do what you want to do. Sometimes poses are not natural to you so I always say : hug her the way you hug each other. Yes, nobody is born ready model and all natural but I promise, the more you shift your focus away from me, the more authentic the images will look and you'll like them more.


Don't you worry, I'll guide you if you need. I put you in a spot with gorgeous light or wherever it just feels right and let YOU do the thing. Let you focus on the person you are there with. Not on me, not on the camera. I'm looking for the in between moments when you suddenly forget that I'm there and all the "tension" goes away and you just do what you normally do when you are with your loved one. Let me capture that so you can remember the way you felt f o r e v e r . 

I work only with natural light. It gives you all the details in its contrast with a shadow while keeping the beautiful soft effect. And golden hour? Sunrise sunlight? Just tell me when and where. I'll be there. My happy place.







i think pacific north west is the coolest place to live AND to photograph

i would hike in the mountains every day if i could

i would swim in turquoise waters also every day if i could ( dream on, girl)

i got masters in law (and then I realized I'm more of an artistic person)


i read scandinavian thriller books    

i listen to vinyl records

i am a sunset light chaser { i even named my daughter Rozerin- "golden hour" in kurdish}

i want to rent a RV and travel for months all over wilderness of Canada

i love fall the most

live music makes me feel ecstatic

        and i believe in karma.

i'm honoured to be


my life my loves

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