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Avery | in home newborn session | Langley BC |

June 25, 2019



During my newborn photography career I've met only handful of babies who slept through the session. I call them "Sleeping beauties". But Avery here, she was another level of sleepiness. I was stunned. I mean, my babies hated sleep, well not hated but they were always keeping me on guard. With Avery, after every possible pose, angle, her mom and dad wanted some pictures with her eyes open. Honestly we tried for almost a good half an hour (or maybe 45 mins) to wake her up. Nothing seemed to work. Tickling had more of a relaxing effect to her, talking to her was just reassuring her that all is good, bouncing her, shaking her legs, even changing her diaper, no success! It was like she was thinking " If I open my eyes, I lose". Well then, we combined more ways of "how to wake up sleeping baby" - btw that I've never have to use for my children, simply freshly made coffee or touching a remote control was good enough-  pulled the curtains, took away her blanket and talk even more loudly,some sketchy laugh and finally she gave up "okay, whatever you guys." So I snapped couple of photos with her being kinda awake and then left. Wondering if she is still such a sleeper or we interrupted her sleeping patterns for good. If so, I'm really sorry :)





















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