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Sproule Family | Third Beach Stanley Park | Vancouver family photographer

June 20, 2019


Oh well, this family session happened a good couple months ago but you know how it goes . Life gets busy but needless to say this family has been ALWAYS on my blog list. And why? Because it was just perfect. Perfect weather, perfect golden hour, perfect location , yes Stanley Park's Third Beach - we got forest, park & beach all in one session (yay!) and most importantly the perfect connection all around. And yes, I know I repeat myself, but that's what makes these photos a memory so authentic. Proof that if you can let go and just enjoy each other the way you do when camera doesn't point at you than it all can be seen in your pictures. the way, just to explain the lollipop Brynn is enjoying in a couple of pictures aka LIFESAVER  that I carry always in my bag in case of emergency. Brynn fell down just before our session was about to start and it seemed like nothing can make her smile. EVER. Well, I bet you wouldn't know. See for yourself :)







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