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Oliver | in home newborn session | Vancouver, BC

April 17, 2019


Since I started professional photography I've met many, many babies. And let me tell you, it is one of the best part of my job to get to know each one of them. The other best part is to hold them and talk to them in my baby talk language (I do apologize for it upfront, I just can't help myself).
Every baby is so different (and so unbelievably adorable) ! But here's the thing, the great thing all newborn babies have in common - if you think you figured them out, gotcha, you didn't. So here's to all sleep deprived parents. It does get better, it all is just a phase and we all eventually get used to never sleep again in our lives. You're welcome.
Don't mind my talking and let me please introduce Oliver to you - sweet, curious baby boy who makes the cutest face expressions (see below) and enjoys being bounced to sleep.




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