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September 6, 2016

           So this thing had happened. I was a wedding photographer for a day!

          Yep, that's what I thought too- I'm a newborn, family, couples, small amount of people kind of photographer, I cannot handle 60+ cheerful crowd of people! Well, as I can see now, I did handle that and it was by one of the most incredible experiences I've had so far as a photographer, probably because it was such a challenge, for me personally.
           I always thought that weddings were just not my thing, too much posing for my taste, too much work and such a strict timelines! I feel best (and perform best) when I have free hands and no pressure... So, long story short, when I got this email from Jennifer that they would really wish to have me as their photographer and that their wedding is very NOT traditional, it will be just family and close friends celebrating their love, that they won't have a cake or bouquet throwing, no bridesmaids, that it will be in Squamish (!!), in the nature and that (most important thing for me) they want to capture candid shots of them and guests, the emotions between people, the random moments. And just like that, I was writing them back, let's do this! And they kept their word, their wedding day was so ... free, I believe is the word, so down to earth, so real and love was all around. They didn't have a traditional wedding but they had some things that I wish would become a tradition. The ceremony was a circle of guests, no benches, no rows. At certain point of the ceremony guests were reading their wishes for the happy couple, then bride and groom did a quiet circle facing each of the guests with no words (sometimes a look can mean a million words, right? :) and my favourite part - at the end there was a huge bear hug (you can see below). Oh, my romantic soul was fulfilled at that moment. I could go on and talk about that day for hours (did I mention the location? The wild river and mountains in the background? The great food? The amazing live band?) but I think I let the photographs speak now.

And one more time, thank you, Jennifer and Andrew, for letting me be a part of your greatest day. It was an honour.











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