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  • Kristyna Gorgun

James | In home newborn lifestyle session | Vancouver newborn photographer

If there could be only one rule I follow EVERY time I get to meet family at their home - it goes for outdoor sessions too- GO WITH THE FLOW. Always. No exception. There is not one session that would be the same as the other. Especially if children are on "site" :) And double especially when it's a newborn session and the only child just became an older sibling. These are very fragile times. I NEVER push the children into anything. I suggest an idea and leave it if they are not up to it. Let's be honest, he/she may not cooperate at all. I mean, I've been there, the first weeks are super hard for them - they've been the only one and now suddenly there is someone new who needs THEIR mom and THEIR dad. They cannot play with the baby yet, and wait another year or maybe two to have a partner in crime? That's a long time for everybody. Imagine toddler's view of time. Sometimes 5 seconds is like eternity for them. But let's not forget the parents. They are learning their way to divide their attention on the go. They know they have to give some extra love to their older one. But newborn can't wait much longer to be fed. Attention is becoming limited. Things are confusing. But one thing is definite, the LOVE has just doubled.

Sometimes it's a breeze and most of the times it is not and that's when I step back and let the family "hang out" which includes jumping on the bed, tickles, dancing to favourite music, snacks are an option.. After all, I'm here to document things the way they were. So you remember.

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