Jackie + Tommy | West Vancouver maternity session | Caulfeild Park

My last session pre-social distancing era. Couldn't be more beautiful. It was beginning of March. We already were chatting about this thing slowly taking over the world. These times are scary. And I feel it will change our generation. But, let's all stay positive and look ahead. We all live for the day when everything goes back to normal. It may be not soon but I promise and I know, as soon as this is all over, it will be as we were just born again. All things in our lives we've taken for granted will have that newness feel to it again and our hearts will be fuller than ever before. All creatives in the world me included, will be (some already are, haha) boosting with ideas, hungry to create and when we will feel that freedom again, it's gonna be good again.

Hang in there, we are all in this together. Sending you all my love.

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