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I want your photos to BE YOU in all aspects, and that's why a photo location is pretty big deal. I always ask about your preference - beach, mountain, field, city? Or maybe you have some place that means something to your family, you like to go there for walks. Or you have no idea at all. Well, with options like we have here in BC, it can get challenging to choose just one. In that case, here I am with the most popular places to do sessions.

Click through the images to see examples.


maybe you'll fall in LOVE with some of these?

Iona Beach

This beach park has so many backgrounds! such as:

all kinds of greenery + tall weeds field like vibe

+ sandy areas with logs + beach, obviously

Plus, stunning views and the sunsets! One of the best in Vancouver I dare to say,

My go to location for golden hour.


Pitt Lake

One of the most favourites. MIne and clients'.

The mountains there are just spectacular and you don't need winter tires to get this view.
 Even in cloudy weather the background is simply gorgeous.


Beautiful all nature background, the best views, lake & mountains. 

Stanley Park

Who haven't heard of beauty of Stanley Park? I mean, cannot think of any other more variable location.

Many beaches, all of them steps away from cedar forest or steps away from a meadow or steps away from walk around a lake that is steps away from a rose garden..


Jericho Beach Park

You want a park with willows and tall trees?
You want a beach with the best views?
You want a meadow with a tall grass and wildflowers?

I got your winner here.


Jericho Beach Park is very versatile and you can't get more Vancouver than this spot.

Caulfeild Park

I love all West Vancouver locations, such as Lighthouse Park, Whytecliff Park but this one is very easy to access to get these gorgeous views.

Rocky terrain, I may ask you to climb on a big rock.

It's suitable for all sessions; as you can see I've done sessions with babies and toddlers there.


Blackie Spit

Another spot that has it all.


Views, beach, fields with tall dry weeds, greenery with wildflowers.

Perfect for the full session as we can browse through the park and get  beautiful background variety in your images.

the list doesn't end here. Let's explore!

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